Sunset Inn Motel

617 N Riverside Ave.
Medford, OR 97051
Phone: (541) 773-6648
Fax: (541) 776-3971

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So you’ve got your trip all planned out—what you’ll do, who you’ll travel with, how much luggage to bring—all you need now is a place to stay! Sunset Inn Motel has just the solution for you. Our rooms and amenities are perfect for anyone traveling to Medford, OR, whether for business or vacation. Our high speed internet access will allow you to keep up with your work email and social networking sites and our cable options will allow you to keep up with all of your favorite shows in your free time.You’ll be glad you made a reservation with Sunset Inn Motel!
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To make a reservation, please call our office. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable and courteous, and we are able to help you find a reservation that fits you and your family’s schedule for your vacation. We look forward to hearing from you!